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Default Re: Representation in Marvel

The only issue I have with representation in Marvel's comics is the same I have with representation in all forms of media: the double-standard that it's okay to objectify women. I think cheesecake artists like Frank Cho and Adam Hughes, however talented they are, should knock all the butt shots and freaky-proportioned figures off, and I think artists in general need to quit trying to contort women to show their boobs and butts simultaneously in most panels. It's not even like I'm a hardcore feminist or anything, I just think it always comes off as kind of sleazy because there's only one form of entertainment that's actually about ogling hot chicks: porn. Every other form of entertainment doesn't really need to pick up that torch or anything.

Other than that, I couldn't care less about race or minority representations or LGBT characters. If people want to create new ones and add them in, great; the comic world should be reflective of the real world, to some extent. Just don't define characters entirely by their minority status. As far as being able to relate to characters, I think if you need a character to be the exact same race as you to relate, you're pretty small-minded and sad. As a guy with a cornucopia of ethnicities in my background, I know for a fact that there's never gonna be a character who lines up with me perfectly, and it doesn't matter. I relate to characters of all kinds of different races and religions and sexual orientations for all kinds of different reasons, usually not at all to do with those races or religions or sexual orientations. I mean, I'm an atheist yet I still love Nightcrawler for the irony of his devout religiosity in spite of his demonic appearance. I'm not really one to stick my neck out for others, yet I love Captain America for his earnest desire to help others. I grew up Catholic but my favorite character is a pagan god. Et cetera, et cetera.

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