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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by I'm Venom View Post
How many black readers do you honestly think make up the industry? Black people may unite to see Diary of a Mad Black Woman, but try getting them to unite for heroes. Especially one they don't know about. It isn't that the movie would turn out bad. It just won't have the appeal.
Dude, black people go to see superhero movies already. Only about 60% of U.S. tickets are purchased by whites.

Also, white people like black superheroes too, especially in team situations. X-Men exploded when they figured that out. So did Avengers, come to think of it. In fact, the only way DC could compete with Marvel's explosion was by putting together a diverse version of the Teen Titans. Like I said before, diversity isn't primarily for black people. I think you're drawing some really hard racial lines and you're not noticing there's plenty of black and white people on both sides.

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