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Default Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past Speculation

Alan Cumming willing to return as Nightcrawler.

"I havenít gotten the call. Someone told me that Nightcrawler doesnít appear in the story but I donít know, I think they would have called by now. It was funny that film because I really like it and everyone really responded to Nightcrawler and enough time has elapsed that I would like to go back to it. Although then when I did that film it was sort of the start of this spate of superhero and comic books made into films so it felt a little more special then it does now. X2 was a really great film, not just as a comic book film. I think itís one of the films Iíd been in that I think of as really good."

Out of all the old cast members, I'd want Nightcrawler back the most. I LOVED Cumming's Nightcrawler. He was without a doubt my favorite part of X2.

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