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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

^But it does include changing existing characters at times: ie Nick Fury.

Originally Posted by Lorus View Post
You seem to be assuming that characters always play the same role in every story they're in and can easily be slipped into place providing you've read enough comics. Most of the characters in Marvel's stable could contribute something great or invaluable to a film given the right circumstances but if the particular Avengers story being told doesn't obviously lend itself to a particular character then I wouldn't want them used just for diversity's sake. I'm not talking about how powers sets are used or any of that background noise, just pointing out that some characters are more appropriately used to explore some themes than others. Nobody isn't open to including a more diverse group, that would be ridiculous, but I maintain it should not be an initial concern. A good story will connect with everybody regardless of ethnicity or gender.
Hmmm... a good story involves diversity, and it works. Stories where all the characters have the same: job/personality/clothes/etc are less appealing that stories with diversity in them, because a story is powered by its contrasts which come exclusively from its diversity. A good story without diversity is like a good painting with only one color. This naturally extends to ethnic diversity - unless your theme is about people being the same in a given way like in a period movie. Again, compare the mainstream popularity of X-Men and Avengers vs Fantastic Four and Justice League. Compare how many events revolve around the former vs the latter. Diversity is awesome, and should always be a concern for an audience that lives in diversity.

Is there any theme that a minority character is not appropriate to explore?

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