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Default Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 3

I wrote this many years ago when I heard that Knights of the Old Republic III would not be made. KotOR 1 and 2 were both fantastic RPG's made for PC and XBOX back in the mid 2000's. Set in the Star Wars universe 4000 years before the movies, they told the story of Darth Revan. Once I realised that Part III would never be made, I decided to plot out and pen (type) my own continuation story. It picks up roughy 10 years after the events of Part 2 and brings in new characters. It's not written the best, but I'm happy with the story and the outline I had planned. I hope you enjoy. Share with others and please comment as I'm really interested in hearing what you have to say.

- Ross Joseph

Knights of the Old Republic III


The faint light shone off the crystals protruding from within the cave wall. A damp atmosphere filled the caves and the sounds of dripping water could be heard throughout. The ground itself was moist, yet surprisingly tough as Aiden Coran found when he kneeled down across from another student.

Aiden was twenty years old and one of the older Jedi Padawan's still residing on Dantooine. He was yet to leave the green rich planet unlike many other Padawan's, which Aiden Coran resented. However he was under the training of Master Bastila Shan, and with her being a member of the Jedi Council on Dantooine, their mission's were always planet based.

Occasionally Bastila had left for important mission's off planet, but they were to do with the Council and a Padawan was forbidden.

Kneeling across from Aiden in a meditative state was a younger Padawan named Jana Nellum. She was constructing her first lightsaber and in the state she was in, Jedi were able to piece the weapon together using the Force as their tool. The process could take anywhere from minutes to days depending on how open the Padawan was to the Force.

It was an experience that Aiden remembered quite well. He rubbed his temples and traced a scar down to his cheekbone. The scar itself wasn't deep, but the emotional pain it carried was. The Padawan lowered his head and picked up a hand full of dirt.

The process of constructing a lightsaber was meant to be a peaceful one, so Aiden done his best to keep quite.

Using the Force he gripped the dirt around him and lifted it to eye level. The dirt floated in midair as Aiden poked his index finger through it. Pieces of dirt scattered and slowly drifted out.

He then glanced down around him and took a small stone off the ground. It was a simple rounded stone, but Aiden smiled as it was bought inches from the scattered dirt. Once his fingers opened, the Force took hold of the stone and lifted it into the center of the floating dirt.

Fed up, he sighed but watched as he made the dirt dance around the stone. Each piece represented a planet Aiden had yet to visit with the stone being the center of the galaxy. Tens of systems and hundreds of planets that the Padawan feared he'd never get to see.

Even as the “galaxy” danced around in front of him, he knew that something was missing. A light source. Aiden reached down to his brown leather belt and removed his lightsaber which he ignited under the “galaxy” he had created. Each piece of dirt now shone green from the lightsaber. Aiden laughed at himself and moved the lightsaber with his right hand a little to case different shadows onto each piece.

It wasn't really the type of meditating the Council asked of a Padawan, but for Aiden it was. Standard meditation was not the Aiden's favorite Jedi pastime. Images often appeared in his head that seemed like dreams. Thoughts he did not like crept in and it was because of those reason that the Jedi Council had not yet made Aiden Coran a Jedi Knight. He knew it was the reasons why.

Just last season a Jedi Padawan was made a Knight. In all fairness he was older than Aiden but experience wise he was not. Aiden had shown great skill with a lightsaber and other Padawan's frequently put his Force abilities to the test. He deserved to be a Knight for all those reasons and also for another he never could keep hidden. His yearning to explore the galaxy.

Aiden snapped back into reality and let the dirt and stones fall back to the cave floor.

A faint rumble was heard and the Aiden looked at the side cave wall. Small rocks broke out from the bumpy surface making way for a blue crystal. It floated over to Jana Nellum and stopped inches above the partially constructed lightsaber hilt.

The lightsaber colors were something a Jedi had no control over, at first anyway. Each of the three colors held a special connection to the Force as well as the Jedi.

A green blade, which Aiden himself used, was a Jedi who believed more in the Force. Combat was guided with the Force itself using it to enhance their natural senses, abilities and progression through the battle. It also meant that a Jedi brandishing a green blade was more adapt to the Force. More open to all things and naturally more guided by it.

It wasn't to say a Jedi using a green blade was a terrible combatant, they just believed more in resolving a situation with a peaceful conclusion rather than brute strength like a blue bladed user.

Aiden sat mesmerized as the pieces of lightsaber hilt lifted around the blue crystal. Jana sat kneeled emotionless with both hands flat on her thighs. To watch this was an experience all in its own. As the Force held the blue crystal in mid air, it guided the metal sections that would make up the hilt into position.

Minutes passed as the metal casing closed around the crystal. The lightsaber hilt was almost complete as a bright light slowly burned out through the closing gaps. Finally the light dimmed and the lightsaber hilt floated a meter off the cave floor.

Apart from his own experience, this was the first time Aiden had seen the construction of a lightsaber. He stood up and watched Jana Nellum take a deep breath. Her eyes opened as the air escaped her lungs and both Padawan looked at each other. The lightsaber stayed fixed in between them as she climbed to her feet. Jana kept her hands by her side and Aiden nodded as if to say it was okay to take the weapon.

Her fingers inched closer and closer to the cold metal frame until it was gripped in her right hand. Jana could feel the black rubber grip around the hilt and then it hit her all at once. It was hers, no longer a training lightsaber, but a real lightsaber. Jana had earned this and her right amongst the Jedi.

“Go on,” said Aiden his voice echoing throughout the cave.

A glint of light came off the metal hilt and Jana thumbed the controls. A snapping sound cut throughout the area as the blue blade shot up from the emitter. It lit the area around the Padawan and Aiden could see the smile and wide eyed expression on Jana's face.

The blade was pulled in closer against her body and Jana examined the weapon to make sure it wouldn't fall apart. A feat that wouldn't be possible now that the Force had secured it.

“I just don't believe it,” said Jana. “It feels so, perfect.” She took a few steps back from Aiden then began to swing the blade around with her right hand. Shadows were cast all around them and it wasn't long before the female Padawan was encased within a light of blue.

With his own lightsaber in hand, Aiden clipped it back onto his belt and threw his hood over his head casting his features into darkness.

“Now that we're done here,” the older of the two Padawan said. “We should head back to the Council Chambers. I'm sure you're Master will be very impressed.”

The blue blade whipped around Jana and Aiden could hear the humming sound being produced by the lightsaber. But as he began to head on the path out of the caves, the blue light cut out. The snapping sound was very distinct to that of Aiden's own, but each one was.

“Wait up Aiden,” Jana shouted from behind. She ran up beside him and then quickly matched his pace to continue along. “Why do you think the Master's were needed back at the Council so urgently?”

Her young mind was one that often surprised Aiden, but being only two standard years older than Jana, he didn't mind. After all his own Master had regularly put him in place.

“I'm not sure Jana, but Master Shan did mention something about Coruscant,” he replied.

“Maybe its your chance off Dantooine,” she stated not even aware that Aiden was thinking the same thing. From behind his hood, the corner of his mouth lifted and Jana knew that he was smiling even if he would not let it be known.

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