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Both Padawan exited the cave and the fresh morning air swirled around them. The lush tall grass crumbled beneath their boots with each step they took and the bright yellow sun beamed off the lakes. A few local animals were around the lakes drinking while others just kept to themselves.

Off in the far distance the reflected light shone off the Jedi Council building like a beacon of light. Aiden and Jana walked towards the building while talking about trivial things.

After walking a fair distance through the fields and farms, the two Padawan eventually arrived at the Council building. Ever since becoming a Jedi Padawan, Aiden never got use to the sight of seeing the Council building and how perfectly it mated with Dantooine.

From a distance the building was just a vast silver dome that glistened in the sun, however up close the finer details come out. It stretched out over the length of three large farms, with the bottom half of the dome seeming to mold itself in with the grass and trees. Vines reached up the sides of the dome like fingers and appeared to be held in place by the structure itself.

Housing at least fifty or so Jedi was quite simple with the building having three levels. The Council members had their quarters on the upper most level which also housed their Council Chamber. All other Jedi occupied the rest of the build with the basement level used as a training quarters. However most of the Jedi still preferred the fresh outside environment of Dantooine to the indoor facilities.

Outside and around the building itself were many other Jedi and Padawan. A few congratulated Jana with finally constructing her lightsaber. She hung around while Aiden continued walking for the front door. He approached the doors and waved a hand. The two doors became semi-transparent and slid to each side allowing Aiden to make his way through.

The Padawan pulled his hood back once inside the warm confides of the building. The doors behind closed cutting off the outdoor sounds.

Although peaceful, the Jedi still required their privacy and it showed with the admittance of entry. Only a Force user could open the doors into the building. Aiden was once told by Bastila that it was the only security the Council building had against intruders, a simple door and tens of Jedi Aiden often thought.

Aiden made his way to the far end of the building where the stairs waited. He glided along the smooth flooring not bothering to exchange conversations with other Padawan. The only thought on his mind at that point was the Council meeting. No body would be able to provide information about the meeting, and Aiden was certain it had something to do with his being Knighted.

Only days ago, Bastila and Aiden had gone out on a field training mission deep into the dark forests of Dantooine. Bastila had made mention of his Knighthood but dismissed the subject when Aiden's concentration slipped putting him at risk.

Aiden reached the bottom of the stairs and bolted up catching looks from other Padawan around him, but if the meeting was about him, then he had a right to be present. No matter what his Master said.

Upon making his way to the top level, the Padawan took a few deep breaths and started his way towards the Council meeting room. He got closer and closer when he heard Jana behind him.

“Aiden!” she shouted just loud enough not to disturb the others. Jana paced over to the old Padawan and rested her hand on his arm. “I spoke with Master Rusk, who says the landing bay has been opened.” She stared in Aiden's brown eyes. “It's the Ebon Hawk,” Jana paused. “Its going to be here soon.”

His eye's deepened. The Ebon Hawk he thought. Aiden didn't wait to say anything, he ran off with Jana following.


Bastila stood in the center of the Council room. Her red hair was tied back and hung just over her left shoulder. The stale air chocked at the back of her throat as she spoke with her fellow Masters.

Juhani sat with her legs crossed and her Cather, feline, features cut a sharp gaze into Bastila's eyes. “What you are asking is out of the question Master Shan,” she stated. “We simply cannot allow you to take off for an extended period of time in search of a man who no longer lives.”

The red haired Master shook her head from side to side dismissing the statement. “I sit on the Council just like the rest of you,” she began to say. “But I don't understand how you believe this mission to be a waste of time.”

Silence took hold of the room for a moment. The Cather leaned back in her chair and looked over to Master Bindo. His face was expressionless but he stared at Bastila.

“Believe what you wish Master Shan,” he spoke in thunderous tone commanding respect. “We know that Revan is dead, and even if he weren't, he no longer wants to be found.”

That cut into Bastila. Revan was once a great Jedi Master who sadly fell to the dark side. He was corrupted by power and became the Sith Lord Darth Revan. Along with his apprentice Darth Malak, Revan uncovered a Star Forge via maps located throughout the galaxy. The Star Forge was able to create ships, weapons and droids and with these, Revan intended to control the galaxy.

He failed though, or more, Bastila succeeded. Revan was saved and turned away from the dark side. Together with Bastila and others, they defeated Darth Malak once and for all. There was peace in the galaxy but Revan wasn't satisfied believing that Sith still harbored around the galaxy.

Being a Jedi meant there was no love. As emotion such as that could and frequently did lead towards the dark side. However Bastila had tasted the dark side and Revan could not allow her to fall down that path again. Their love for each other ended the day they parted ways.

Revan promised to return when the Sith were no more. That was fourteen years ago Communication was lost with Revan after a year and his last transmission came from the outer rim, a sector Bastila knew quite well.
Bastila raised her head and looked around at the other Council members. Each one stared at her hoping she would agree with Jolee Bindo the oldest and most respected Jedi Master, but they all knew Bastila better than that.

“I will not believe that Master Bindo,” Bastila managed to say. “If the Council will not allow me this mission,” she paused longer than expect. “Then I chose to no longer be apart of the Order, Masters.”

Juhani shifted in her seat wanting to speak, but she closed her mouth and waited.

“Master Shan, you do understand that doing so would mean you will be denounced as a Jedi Master and exiled from the Jedi Order?” Master Xor spoke in a soft almost melody tone.

She looked at Master Xor; his reptilian features displayed no emotion like a human. “Yes,” confirmed Bastila. Only a meter in front of where she stood, a panel in the white marble flooring shifted and a stone block rose up waist height. “I ask of only one thing Masters.”

Master Bindo waited.

“My Padawan Aiden Coran. He is ready to face the trials,” Bastila unclipped the lightsaber from her belt. It was a double-edged design that required impressive skill to control. One false move and the wielder could be hurt just as badly.

“Aiden Coran is a skillful Padawan but extremely impatient and you are in no position to request anything of the Council anymore,” said a very cold voiced Master Bindo. “Once you place your lightsaber on that stone, you will no longer be a Jedi. All benefits of the Jedi Council will be taken and you will be exiled forever.”

It was a speech Bastila had heard only once before but that was many years ago. And it was when she was only a Padawan. The search for Revan was too important and with lightsaber in hand, Bastila bravely walked up to the stone block. She placed her weapon down on the block. “Masters,” she bowed one final time then turned and left the room.

The Masters all looked at each other and Master Xor's reptilian scales changed to a shade of darker green. He was visibly disturbed and unfortunately, Master Xor was unable to mask his main emotion like a human.

“What's done is done,” said Juhani. “Bastila has made her decision and that is all that matters. She was a great Jedi and powerful ally.”

Jolee Bindo stood from his seat and moved over to the stone block. “As Jedi we must move on,” said the dark skinned Jedi Master. “Aiden Coran will need a new Master, but that will be discussed later on.”

Slowly the rest of the Masters filed out of the room. Jolee stood frozen in the same position staring down at the double-edged lightsaber. He had known Bastila for years now, but lately she had become even more impatient that her Padawan. Jolee, with lightsaber in tow, stepped out of the Council Chamber.


Her robe was pulled in close to her body. Jana and Aiden were hidden from view a they watched a ship pass through the sky blocking the sun for a second. They looked at each other knowing it was the Ebon Hawk, one of the most talked about ships the galaxy had ever known. Bastila had once been a crew member of the Ebon Hawk and Aiden had heard most of the stories.

Jana had a wide smile across her face as the engines of the Hawk suddenly got close enough to hear. Aiden beside her could not take his eyes off the ship and watched as it turned around slowly lowering down into the landing bay.

The engines faces towards the Padawan and Aiden could feel the warmth coming off them. Exhaust vents around the ship blew out stale air, in the form of steam, that previously occupied the cabin and soon after the vents hummed as they took in fresh supplies. Aiden chuckled a little to himself. The Ebon Hawk was breathing.

“This is simply amazing,” Aiden aid while tapping Jana on the shoulder. “I wonder why its here though.”

As Aiden spoke those words a figure walked across the landing bay. Her familiar stride caught Aiden's attention. “Master Shan?” he asked himself. “What's she doing boarding the ship?”

The curious Padawan moved from out of the cover and began to walk towards the ship. He was stopped by Jana who tried to pull him out of view.

“I have to go,” he firmly said to the younger Padawan. “If Bastila is boarding the Ebon Hawk, that can only mean she is going after Revan.”

Across the way, the Padawan watched as his Master started up the cargo ramp of the Hawk.

“You still can't go Aiden, what if you don't come back?” she asked close to tears.

The engines began to fire up casting a blue glow over Aiden. He turned around to completely face Jana. “Of course I'll be back,” he said in a serious manner. He placed his bare palm on Jana's face and rubbed it a little. “I'll see you again.”

Jana wasn't sure how she felt about the Padawan in front of her, but his hand warm her body up even more than the heat from the engines. She could see the ship's turning bright blue and then noticed Aiden begin to turn.

“Keep Master Shan safe,” she tried to finish the sentence with words but only thought them instead.

“I assure you Jana, I will be safe,” Aiden said while reading her thought. It was a talent no other Jedi had exhibited and something Bastila warned Aiden about. He noticed a tear sliding out of Jana's eye and wiped it away with his thumb. “Besides I've got to collect my lightsaber.”

And with that, Jana let go of Aiden. She was not sure what he meant by collecting his lightsaber but let him run to the ship. Jana watched as the Hawk lifted off the landing bay floor and spun around as it continued to lift.

In that same second Aiden, using the Force, leaped up for the cargo ramp door. He grabbed on and pulled himself into the ship with only seconds to spare. The cargo ramp shut.

Jana wiped another tear from her eye when the Hawk was gone from view. At first Jana didn't want to move from the area hoping that Aiden would return, but she soon found it would not be the case. As the landing bay roof closed, the Padawan looked down at the ground when something caught her eye. It was Aiden's lightsaber.

She snapped it up and hooked it to her belt, now she knew her friend would return. A lightsaber was a Jedi's heart and soul, and now she held his.


The Ebon Hawk made one final journey around the Jedi Council dome before shooting off into the sky towards the stars. Watching as it became nothing more than a tiny dot was Master Bindo.

He stood in his sleeping quarters with his arms crossed. His gaze was focused intently on the ship and frowned heavily gripping the lightsaber of the now exiled Jedi.

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