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Default Re: The Season 5 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Bim View Post
I heard that too, that CW will break until January 5th, when it will return with "Missing in Action": D-Squad discovers that Abafar, the planet they are trapped on, is Separatist-controlled, but they also discover a Republic Clone Commando named Gregor, who has been stranded on the planet as well. They must work together to get off the planet safely.

I expect the juicier episodes to start after the break. They always save the best for last.
Yeah I thought the place they ended up in looked like where the lost Republic Commando would come into it from the trailers, but I was hoping the final part of the arc would be this weekend so we could start the new year with a fresh arc. Interesting that the Commando is not Fives given the markings on his helmet.

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