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Default Re: Don't Hate The Hater, Hate The Hate! - Part 13

Originally Posted by Travesty View Post
I like spoiling my niece and nephew, but I hate it when I get them a TON of gifts, plus buy stuff for my sister and her husband, and all I get in return from them is a $15 GC to Subway.

It happens every year. I think I'm just gonna get my sister and her husband a little GC, too. No need to look for something that they may like, when they can get 3 $5 footlongs of their choice.
It's not so the spoiling that bothers me, but more that my brother will spend about $500 on gifts for each of his kids, and then invites me and my mom, who are both struggling financially, to his house just so he can show us all of the gifts that the kids got from him, his wife and the rest of her family. It almost feels like he wants to rub it in our face and make us feel bad if we don't get them anything.

The worst part is when he brings over all of the gifts so my mom can wrap them for him.

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