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Default Re: Return of the Jedi Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by BenKenobi View Post
If Revenge of the Sith was really so much a better movie, then why is there nothing that has become pop culturally relevant. Jabba the Hut and the Emperor for example have become iconic and you find references to them to this day in all kinds of popular media. The only thing I hear about in pop culture from Revenge of the Sith are jokes about Darth Vaders "NO". Hell the only things that have faded into popculture from the prequels are Vaders "NO", Darth Maul, and Jar Jar Binks.

I think that speaks for itself right there.
True, the classic trilogy had so many great characters that have been integrated into the culture that somewhere there's always a SW reference in songs, TV, church, school, funerals.

Out of the prequels absolutely no mention of anybody only embarrassments.
Originally Posted by CoolCadaver49
This. I agree with all of this.

This thread is so vindicating.
yeah I think we can close this thread now. Thank you I'll be here all week.

A few of the Marvel Superheroes are somewhat niche characters that aren't extremely versatile, thus they don't have a lot of longevity potential. For example, Namor is a water guy, Silver Surfer is a space guy, Dr. Strange is a magic guy, and so on.
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