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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 3

Originally Posted by godisawesome View Post
"Michael Shannon: No. I got my fill of General Zod. Maybe the whole movie will be playful or comical, but when I was doing it, it was very serious: My planet's destroyed, what am I gonna ****ing do?"

Anybody else got the feeling Zod will probably display less contempt or disdain for us puny earthlings and instead treat us mostly with indifference? Most of us, especially if we watched Smallville, are used to the idea of Zod having a very Khan-like megalomania: Mwahahaha! I shall rule these puny earthlings as a god!!

But Shannon talking about Zod being faced with the death of his planet and having a very human reaction, coupled with his reading of General Grant for some character ideas, leads me to believe that Zod may lack any direct malicious intent for humanity and simply have a plan to either turn Earth into a memorial for Krypton or somehow ressurrect his species and culture over our ashen remains.

It would do a nice job of making him radically different from most comic-bad-guys. We're used to thinking of bad-guys as being very hate-filled. What if we just get a guy who was a worthy opponent to Jor-El and simply doesn't care about us? He may treat Superman like another person and even give him respect, but he probably thinks of us as simple impediments to his goals and thus doesn't even deign us with his attention.

Grant was kind of quietly scary like that: Sherman was bombastic and clearly dangerous, Grant just kept his mouth shut and did his job.
That sounds awesome, I would love for him to be handled like that.

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