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Default Re: Rank every comic book film - where do the Spider-Man films fit in?

Originally Posted by SoNicRaDiATioN View Post

Right now I have little doubt about MoS with the Nolan/Snyder combo, or DOFP with Singer back at the helm. I'm expecting great films from these guys, with TASM2 I'm only hoping. But what do we really have to be optimistic about? I do get the strong feeling that Spider-Man will be overtaken by DOFP, MoS and IM3. I almost wish TASM2 were slated for 2015 so Sony could see these films before they went into production. If Nolan's films haven't awakened them at this point, perhaps these films would help make the point in terms of characterization and scale. TASM was competent but in some respects it's already a failure. People will say it's the highest grossing reboot ever, but it failed to achieve what BB did in terms of building an enthusiastic audience for the sequel. It failed to really capture the imagination of the collective audience. If you scan through most sites you will see a lot of indifference regarding this series moving forward. People are split. MoS already has more positive buzz from a single teaser then this reboot ever had. This is obviously the last thing Sony wanted, yet they will limp on. I personally don't think this is the crew that will give us the definitive, iconic, transcendant Spider-Man film. That is probably years off. The dye has already been cast for this series imo.
You are being too pessimistic
MOS can be terrible like SR,Snyder hasnt achieved anything great yet.300 was Okay,Watchmen was hated by the general audience.Sucker punch was terrible

IM2 was terrible and while IM3 has great potential after TA,its still has to work hard

Same with DOFP,Fox has its huccups with X3,Origins and now most probably The Wolverine joining.The brand of Xmen isnt really gaining popularity,and they are adding even more stupidity with combining the universe with F4

I think TASM has great potential and for these reasons
1.The origin is out of the way so we wont have every 2nd reviewer going 'Been there,dont that'
2.Great casting till now
3.TASM made 750M despite not being that great and coming in between 2 giants,If TASM2 is worthy of any thing above 80% on RT,it will hit a Billion easy,doesnt look to be competition around the time its gonna get released

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