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Default Re: Rank every comic book film - where do the Spider-Man films fit in?

Originally Posted by Spiderdevil View Post
You are being too pessimistic
MOS can be terrible like SR,Snyder hasnt achieved anything great yet.300 was Okay,Watchmen was hated by the general audience.Sucker punch was terrible

IM2 was terrible and while IM3 has great potential after TA,its still has to work hard

Same with DOFP,Fox has its huccups with X3,Origins and now most probably The Wolverine joining.The brand of Xmen isnt really gaining popularity,and they are adding even more stupidity with combining the universe with F4

I think TASM has great potential and for these reasons
1.The origin is out of the way so we wont have every 2nd reviewer going 'Been there,dont that'
2.Great casting till now
3.TASM made 750M despite not being that great and coming in between 2 giants,If TASM2 is worthy of any thing above 80% on RT,it will hit a Billion easy,doesnt look to be competition around the time its gonna get released
A lot of people are so hyped up for MOS after seeing the trailer, and while it does look cool, I am still really unsure about it. I think it will be better than SR, but you never know. I wish that movie the best, though.

The X-Men franchise is really messed up at this point. It seems like they couldn't decide on whether or not First Class was a reboot or a prequel. Too many continuity errors, so let's call it a reboot. I enjoyed First Class, but it really wasn't that memorable or exciting IMO. It set up the sequels pretty well like TASM, so I'm still giving it another chance. (I think TASM was much more fun IMO... but I love both movies). If anything, I think that the X-Men: Days of Future Past is in more trouble than TASM2. Just because Bryan Singer is back doesn't mean the movie is likely to do well. He didn't write the script, and he just was assigned recently. He has his share of bad movies (Superman Returns).

So my question is, why would anyone think that Sony is unlikely to make a great film with TASM2? Whether you like it or not, Spider-Man 2 is considered one of the best CBMs out there, and on its own is considered a great film, too. They have an excellent cast for TASM, and now for TASM2 as well. Marc Webb knows where the franchise is going in terms of exploring the missing parents, and Norman Osborn. At least wait until the trailer comes out!

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