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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by Skrilla31 View Post
I'll tell you something. Had Superman Returns never happened? After trailer we just saw? This might have been the biggest movie-going event in years, on par if not greater than The Avengers. Maybe I'm shooting too high but who knows.

But the truth is Superman Returns did happen and even though this trailer was a home run I'm just not sure if audiences are clamoring for another Superman movie. It will definitely do well but I don't expect it to break records of any kind. Having said that it has a solid chance to be the highest grossing film of the summer.

And if MOS goes on to be a huge hit, you can bet your ass the sequel is gonna do serious damage. Once people see the trailer and they see Superman going up against Lex Luthor and all that fun stuff it's gonna be a wrap.
All true.
I also expect the same sort of "bad taste disorder" to plague the next star wars films....

You only get that one shot to make a first impression...then you get a sequel. If only this had been the return.

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