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Default Re: Does Bane being a PURELY physical threat hamper him as a villain?

I doubt many people could come up with a film this layered that brilliantly uses the elements it takes from Begins to heighten the symmetry between Ra's/Bruce/Bane/Talia. I've heard quite a few ideas for a third film from fans, but have yet to find one that is truly a decent idea for a conclusion. They all just come off as just "another Batman adventure."
Quite a fans speculated, and even hoped for, pretty much exactly the basic story we ended up getting, save for a few elements of it (The bit about the pit).

I think the problem lies with the character itself. Bane was basically created as a gimmick and a comic stunt back in the 90's, and his character's peak is breaking Batman's back.

Aside from that, he's pretty much a one note character. Aside from TDKR, he really hasn't had a decent story and certainly isnt anywhere near the complexity of characters such as Joker, Two-Face , Ra's Al Ghul, or Catwoman.

Ultimately the Bane character , imo, doesn't have much going for him. He works as the final villan for the saga thematically but with Bane, there really isn't much there, there.


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