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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I am all in favour of using the familiar faces from the original trilogy as the 'anchors' of the franchise, allowing the introduction of new actors without the risk of them carrying the film on their own (as happened in First Class and was definitely a reason for its lower box office).

So far we are seeing a lot of enthusiasm for the return of McKellen, Stewart, Janssen and now Cumming. And some hopes for the return of Marsden.

The return of Halle gets more negativity, so if she comes back they really need to try hard with all aspects of Storm - characterisation, costume, hair, powers, flying, etc. Make her look curvy, sexy, leggy, with a skintight costume, even some heels - Storm doesn't run anyway, she glides on air currents to escape so she doesn't need flat shoes! The costuming for Halle has been awful in these films. Just check out that X3 promo where they are all standing in line - she looks short, dumpy, terrible!
Is it official that Janssen and Cumming are returning?? Janssen makes sense since she is in Wolverine? But this the first time I heard about Alan.

I don't think everybody should be returning we need a few big characters dead, so I say Storm should be dead. I really want to see a new actress take on the role, so instead of reminding audiences that Halle Is Storm, just show off her tombstone!

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