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Default Re: Does Bane being a PURELY physical threat hamper him as a villain?

Originally Posted by Schrute View Post
But I don't think you're gonna find many people who dislike TDK because of Harvey's performance, the stiltedness of the acting in the rooftop scene, the bat voice, and one liners.

It seems like you can find people who dislike TDKR for the examples I gave.

And regarding Bane, he may very well be doing what he is doing because of the protector/bodyguard type love and devotion, but nothing really pinpoints that IS why he is doing it. We know he protected Talia, he loves her, so IS that why he is willing to destroy an entire city? Because of the protector/bodyguard role? I don't believe it is really stated that's why he is doing this. He tells Bruce he is the LOS, here to full fill Ra's destiny, end the borrowed time Gotham is living on. We also know though that he was ex-communicated. So why, if ex-communicated, does he still want to destroy Gotham? We are never really told WHY he is doing what he is doing.

We know what he WANTS to do, but we don't really know WHY he wants to do it.

And the main villain of your film should not have multiple different motivations
They definitely explore his motivations through his dialogue. He has a clear detest for the wealthy and those who abuse power (ie corruption), just like the LOS. They also imply (and this is admittedly conjecture based upon the information the story provides) that Bane feels strong hate for Bruce for betraying the LOS, and resents that such a disgrace to the LOS had been chosen as Ra's heir, whereas he had been cast out. This mission is his attempt to prove that HE is the true successor to Ra's mission. This is why he is no lackey. His devotion to Talia is not what provokes him to attack Gotham.

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