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Default Re: How close should a comic book movie be to its source material?

I remember a Stan Lee quote in which he said that movies and comics are two totally different mediums, what works in comics wouldn't work in live action.

For me I don't mind small changes but only to accommodate the movie.

Originally Posted by HydraSupreme View Post

If its done right like the 1990 Captain America movie then its fine with a few changes here and there. Sure I'm still not fond of Russian Red Skull but I do get tired of the evil German bad guy every time.

As long as the superhero wears the outfit whether its the actual costume or a new costume with the old fashioned colors from the original costume its fine too as long the costume doesn't look god awful or whatever.
I happened to like the 1990 Captain America too, I'm not a fan so I didn't mind the liberties taken with it.

A few of the Marvel Superheroes are somewhat niche characters that aren't extremely versatile, thus they don't have a lot of longevity potential. For example, Namor is a water guy, Silver Surfer is a space guy, Dr. Strange is a magic guy, and so on.
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