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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 2

I loved this movie, and I watch the dvd to death every night before going to sleep! But I just can't get over how stupid Captain America looked in his all cloth costume. The original costume had layers, but sadly it's not just the costume, it's how dorky Cap comes off in the film. For one it seems like Ironman is calling the shots, delegating Cap to the role of the guy who just picks up after the other heroes. Second Cap seriously needs to fire his fight choreographer as I only got to see one darn flip in this whole film. The BlackWidow fight scenes far surpassed Cap's and I'm wondering if Captain America was a late write in as Joss "Punisher's a coward" Whedon struggled to meet deadlines. I don't know, but Cap was sorely underused here, and I would have gladly waited for the sequel to see Captain America given the proper justice he deserved. I also didn't like the absence of the other 2 founding members, Wasp and Pym. Hawkeye and Black-widow being portrayed as the founding members just doesn't sit well with me, maybe it's because I'm old.

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