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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by sup101 View Post
You just talking, that's not a fact.All this popular talk is weak.If it came down to who is the best superheros and young people had to vote it would come down to superman and batmen.Superman have fans of all ages and many of them are young.That popular talk is a joke.
indeed he might have fans of all ages. but the youth number isn't as many as twilight. no matter how ***** it is, it still can sell big.

fans only contribute maybe 0.001% of the box office. The name itself will not sell. If it does, SIII, SIV & SR would have made millions and millions. We would have superman series as many as James Bond’s.

so far the public isn't interested in this movie, judging for the numbers of view in youtube and facebook as compare to ironman 3. (comparing 1st teaser trailer)

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