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Default Re: The Official Michael Shannon IS General Zod - Part 3

I agree that Zod will probably not be your typical two-dimensional megalomaniac portrayal. From what Shannon's been saying, I see it being handled one of two ways. The first being like godisawesome suggested, and have him just being completely indifferent to humanity as he tries to get his affairs in order here on our planet. That's definitely one way it could go, and I'd like that.

The other way I could see it going, would be that he and his tiny band of minions go straight into survival mode - that is, they believe they are literally the last of their kind and have landed on a primitive, seemingly hostile world, so they show no mercy for the sake of their own survival. They want to make a new home for themselves but discover one of their own is already here and has "defected" to the other side, so they react accordingly, as hardened warriors who have nothing left to lose would.


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