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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Well that's the one I've been wondering about. There was news that they had considered the Rescue thing before and that came out after the trailer was released (at least the first time I heard). maybe there was news before then.

His stuff about the rescue armor came way before there were any definite clues that Rescue will be seen. So how did he make this prediction? Even though we don't know if it's true or not yet, it almost seems too specific for Wardell and like it's a certainty to him. It almost seems like making that prediction is dependent upon seeing the trailer to say seriously considering. "Seriously considering" is about as close as he gets to definitely saying anything lol, because he will be wrong half the time.

It seems strange that he would know about the possibility of Rescue that far back. Even if he'd only heard the stuff about them considering Rescue before. It's still a huge leap of faith on that date. If he expects that prediction to come true.

It probably took most people a couple views of the trailer to even entertain the possibility that the suit becomes Rescue, in a way, after the house collapses.

I realize how he's operating, especially after listening to him on the podcast...
That's why I decided to be his similar opposite. I'm in a similar position. He has tiny bits of extra information that could be true, from some sort of inside source, that's not too connected. Therefore not definite or not having complete knowledge themselves. He's attempting to extrapolate into his wild theories and predictions based on tiny shreds of information and mixing it with his own knowledge of Marvel and movie news to complete his vague and crazy theories. Some of the stuff about Nebula in my pre avengers posts is because there are definite plans to include Nebula at some point with Thanos, that's all I'll say on that for now. I've known this since before Avengers, and I was totally wrong about them putting her in as the second general of the army with Thanos, had no clue who the army was because of how well kept that was from anyone I know. Turned out it was the Chitauri lol I predicted it was Nebula's army from all across space but the one constant in my theories was Thanos. I'll admit I wasn't certain, but I was fairly certain about some things as Wardell might be. At some point very early in the planning Nebula was swapped with the Other. I speculated all sorts of crazy theories about her post avengers because I've been at this longer than Wardell, setting certain things up to be shown true now that I'm back in the loop more. Nebula's Likely in GoTG now, not as a villain or main villain, her 'claimed relationship with Thanos comes into play. She uses it as a way to get ahead of the other galactic ex-cons and villains in the MCU, her connection to Thanos intimidates some of them. More like backstory for Thanos before he shows up and we see plenty of Thanos in GoTG. Again, from what I've heard Szostak is who some people think she is, Wardell hasn't said who she is. In the podcast he says what his source says and then he says who he personally thinks she is: Bethany Cabe.
IMO the hair is too short to be Cabe. He should trust his sources, and not add in his own speculation to deceive. I do it just for fun because I tend to believe a few of the tiny things I've heard. Some of my ideas are fueled by it because I've known for a little while that Joss's Avengers 2 script was being worked on. Didn't expect it to be done and turned in this soon lol, but this tells you there is very much a Master plan leading up to Avengers 2 that Whedon has set in motion. Some of it starts in the first Avengers movie as it exists now, the look of the Chitauri, almost Egyptian. some of the lines I'm told will take on new meanings after subsequent films are released. For instance, many of Fury's lines because shield was aware of some things. Watch the movie with Fury not playing a hunch in mind. That the tesseract affects everyone differently, she showed Selvig so much truth. Yeah if we can trust Selvig the thing is somewhat self-aware and telling him things... and it's a she... The Avengers needed to be there, and there are lots of things shield and Loki aren't telling. They're definitely part of a bigger universe, and at this point only Fury for sure knows it... Loki might, that's my speculation- he's seen "worlds Thors only dreamed of". Chitauri works out better I think because their history is easier to alter... brain overloading.

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