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Question Need Help for a Batman-Art-Project (Batman Eras)

Hey Guys and Girls,
My art-teacher gave us the Task of tinkering a Book of any kind. The Bats-fan I am, I decided to make a "Batman-Book". Though im still incredibly happy that I was allowed to do so, I'm now at a point where I need some help from you, fellow Batfans, concerning 2 Points

The idea of the book is to compare the different ages or eras Batman has gone through over the years. Since I'll have to compare very different media like TV-shows, movies, comics etc. in this, I think that I should focus on the tone/atmosphere, general style and different characterizations of the main characters. As to everything, I'm open about this point, so if you have any suggestions, I'd be very grateful to read them

Please note that this project is just to give a very basic overview and is not directed at hardcore-fans but my art-teacher

But my first problems is : I'm not sure which "Ages" to pick. I'm only sure about the first and the last I don't even know how many are necessary to do justice to the immense changes the Bat has undergone over the years, though I don't think that I can do more than 4 - 5 time-wise ...
So here is my first, provisional selection:

1. "Golden Age"( Kane & Finger, 1939-1950 )

2. ABC Television Era (1966 - 1968 ) ??

3. Alan Moore & Frank Miller Era (1986 - 1988 ) ??

4. Chris Nolan Era ( 2005-2012 )

Do you think it's ok to leave Silver and Bronze Age, Tim Burton, The Animated Series or even Schumacher out or am I missing something really basic by omitting them ? The book shouldn't be for Batman geeks but for my Art-Teacher who knows close to nothing about Batman

My second problem is: I'm only an apprentice learning,reading and watching as much of Batman (but) who doesn't know everything about him yet, so i don't really know how to characterize the particular Eras . So could you maybe help me with your ideas of what defines the particular Ages ?

As a new person to the community,I'm endlessly grateful for everybody reading this long text,contributing and helping me.

P.S: I'll keep you updated about the process with some pics of my Book - if you want :-)

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