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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 3

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
I understand your dislike bc that's how you feel but... Where was the fun and happiness in SR? That trailer was good back then but it showed nothing that was fun or happy. Unless you mean the airplane save which was the best part of the movie. The movie itself wasn't fun or happy. If you're saying from the trailer you think that the movie will be lacking that doesn't make sense using your reference of SR. It's trailer gave a false impression of the movie bc no one thought that the airplane scene was the going to be the only worthwhile save in the film. When I saw that trailer I thought the movie was going to be full of great scenes like that. I just want to understand what you want to see specifically that you could "take for a superman film".

The sr trailer i refer to is this.
It doesnt have the plane crash scene.
SR failed partly because it isnt a fun movie. Hope MOS wouldnt repete the same mistake.

I wanna see a scenes from bystanders perspective watching superman doing wonders n suddenly he smile to him before take off.

This trailer isnt engaging. It isnt connecting the audience. Just throwing out its base story. Take it or leave it.

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