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Default Re: Which X-Men Should die or be dead in DOFP?

Originally Posted by Alison Blaire View Post
If you want an exciting and blockbuster movie must return the main characters in the trilogy.Halle Berry,Famke Janssen,Rebecca Romijn,Patrick Stewart,James Marsden,Ian Mackellen,Hugh Jackman & Anna Paquin must be in the film.The film will not be more interesting with all dead.It will be more boring with only FC characters.This film needs the original cast.
Im not saying all of them must be dead, but certainly if a few familiar faces are dea, it adds gravitas to the situation. Especially if you have to watch Storm, Mystique, Wolverine and Magneto give there lives (example) sending Rogue (The Time Traveller) back in time to ensure that this future never happens.

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Dead mutants = just the X-students. Wolverine, Storm, Angel, Colossus, Shadowcat and Iceman should be all alive. Jean Grey and Cyclops should stay dead for now.
Should die = Maybe Angel Salvadore and Riptide.
LoL you loved the original trilogy didnt you... so who should die in action in the film? Im talking more about the alt future in DOFP. Some characters will be dead while others might die in action, so who have your picks would die in action?

If they have to move forward with an X4, the alt timeline in DOFP shouldnt affect them.

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