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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 4

My favorite part of the trailer is the scene with Superman and Lois. I so want to know the context behind that. Second fav scene is easily the walk through the snow followed by the most incredible takeoff ever.

My little niggles are: the shot of the CGI suit in the scene before Superman smashes into the vault. Seriously what is with that CGI suit? The child actors delivery also bothered me a bit. After repeated viewings I'm slowly warming to that though. Also Cavills delivery but this is because I've never seen him act before and don't even know what he sounds like. His dialogue just stuck out a bit, contrasting to the warm tones of say Costners voice. That last line sounded a bit crackly or robotic for some reason. It could be my dying headphones though.

I think I'm just putting this thing through micro-scrutiny though. For mainstream audiences this is perfect. I just wish they traded that CGI shot of the suit for the 1 where he's reaching out of the skeletons from the comic-con trailer.

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