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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
See this is where this trying to figure out plot here gets really frustrating for me. I really feel this is a legitimate idea that could fit quite neatly into the puzzle but when people despise a character this much it's impossible for them to think he could be written any other way. and yes, I understand you despise him in a love to hate him kind of way, but still you despise him and can't see him written any other way and that is frustrating when trying to figure out plot because the writers and Marvel can do whatever they want with him. They don't have to exactly follow what's been done in the comics or mythology already. They already haven't so I think it's likely they won't do the same old, same old, as this continues. I've seen more than a few quotes that make me think that they may surprise a lot of people with the direction they take Loki in. They could "cook up something completely new with the same ingredients" so to speak.

Odin was strict with Thor, yes, maybe even harsh, but Thor seriously needed that massive kick in the pants, and reminder of who is King and who is not, or else he would never have changed. Nothing else would have done it *for that character*. The dynamic between Loki and Odin is very different. Thor didn't have the issue finding out he was lied to all his life about who he was and what his purpose in life was to be, or doubts about if he was loved as much as his sibling, and feelings of inadequacy all his life in comparison to his sibling... therefore, the dynamic between Odin-Loki is very different this way, and so as a result how Odin handles him should be different from the way he handled Thor.

I'm not going to continue to argue about the rest of the stuff you said. I've said my peace on that so many times it exhausts me. we've had that run around I've had that run around a few times with different people as you know. And as you know I could argue and rebut until next November about all of that. All I ask is that you keep a bit of an open mind in the discussion, especially if you can't figure any other options that would fill the same plot holes and requirements. Because honestly I'm starting to feel like I can't even discuss the potential Loki plot here out in the open due to closemindedness on what they might do with the character. Which is sad because I came into this due to that MCU character.

*sigh* another subject I guess... well while looking around on at some old articles about the potential directors, I found this quote interesting...

So while the movie is certainly called Thor The Dark World, it would seem that the intention will be to involve the rest of the characters much more, with more story arcs and narrative threads to deal with, which should be fun.

Some people want it to be ignored I guess... *sigh...*
Ok. I am %100 sure you completely missed the point of my post -_- lol.

read this entire thing before commenting, cause I kinda jump around

I'm not close minded. I have a different opinion. And I don't despise Loki at all. I've said, aside from Thanos, Loki is my favorite villain. He is the character who got me looking at characters BEYOND their super powers. I don't despise him whatsoever.

I know MCU Loki isn't comic book Loki. I KNOW that. Gosh I KNOW that. I've been following the MCU for almost 6 years now, I get how the characters differ lol. That's not where my conclusion is coming from. Elizah, I am simply not looking at the past content as deepy as you are, simply cause I don't think the answers lie there. thus drawing my assumptions from what I have seen in the MCU so far. As I said, I don't think the answers will be found from digging up the deep content, I think it will be more simple. That's just my OPINION (which IS all we have for now. Opinions)

Now as for Odin dealing with Loki, I SAID i wouldn't prefer one way or the other. I am fine with either. I then said, I woundn't have a problem with it if they just prisoned him though, before his arc continues to unfold. My comment was simply the reason I think it will be that way. There is nothing close minded about it. You stated reasons for one, I stated reasons for another. Lol that doesn't mean I'm being closed minded.

My conclusion is NOT brought from closemindedness, or hate. I drew this conclusion simply from what I have observed in the MCU so far without looking at it too deeply. My conclusion differs from yours. and that's fine. If Odin tries to get to Loki Elizah, that's fine with me. I have nothing wrong with that whatsoever. He is is son, I agree that regarding Odin, Loki is a bit more sensitive. If Odin doesn't reach out, I have no problem with that either. That is simply the path I THINK they are going to go with it.

Now for my saying that Thor reaching out to Loki has to stop,
How is that hatred? It isn't meant in a hostile way. All I mean, is Thor has reached out to Loki in two films now, and it seems that Thor reaching to him has run it's course. it's probably time for Thor to have a new approach towards his brother, cause he hasn't gotten through to him, so I think that by this movie, Thor should be reacting differently to his brother. You can't disagree with that, come on lol. I'm pretty sure you missed the point of my entire post

EDIT: I see in my comment where I said "the reaching out to Loki needs to end", well there is the confusion. That was a typo, I meant to say, "Thor reaching out to Loki needs to end" So I see how that can throw things off lol

I drew a conclusion based on the fact that I THINK the answers aren't so deeply hidden, that doesn't mean I am being a closed minded. I drew my conclusion from context, as you did yours, just different methods. That's that, please don't tell me I am being close minded and hate a character who made me interested in villains in the first place, comic book or movie, it is STILL loki, and I take offense to that, cause well, I'm one defensive SOB.

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