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Default Re: The Look of the Turtles

Yeah, I kind of imagined I'd have Raphael be the one that's itching to go top side and fight crime and Batman comics being his inspiration. He'd be the one that appeals to Leo about it, convinces Leo it's their chance to do some good. I like the Leo/Raph friction in personality, but I've felt it's long overdue that they also be shown to really love each other which has come across with Mike/Don's portrayal better in the past. The 4 have different personalities and even disagree on things, but they're brothers. They'll disagree, but Raph would go through hell for Leo, Leo for Raph, Raph for Mike, Mike for Don, Don for Leo, etc. etc. etc.

Mikey is comic relief, but Raph's sarcasm offers comic relief, Donatello's use of foraged tech could provide comic relief. Even Leo can crack a joke once in a while. And honestly, I think the smart ass remarks during a fight are where you could really play it up that they feed off each other. Mike makes a remark, another replies, another adds to it, and before long they're playing off one another making fun of their enemies just as fluidly as they fight complimentary to one another.

If I were referring to movies, I'd say the Batman Begins approach with a splash of Hellboy. I'd definitely see Raph pulled off with Hellboy's type of personality. Less anger, more smart ass, but you push the right buttons and he'll blow his top.

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