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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by elgaz View Post
I agree. Too many people are jumping on this Jonathan Kent line, as if it's totally out of character for him. But it's worth remembering that when Clark asks him if he should have let the people die, he doesn't say "Yes" ..................... he says "maybe". It's obviously something he's grappling with, and that adds a level of realism and complexity to the very real scenario the Kents face : they have a superpowered alien for a son who has to pretend he's human.

Asides from Smallville, I don't recall Kents in any previous Superman movies/TV having to face the real problems such a situation would bring asides from the usual "don't let anyone see your powers being used, Clark". Did any of them ever have to tell an 8yr or 9yr old Clark to choose to let people live or die?
As soon as I saw the trailer last night I knew Jonathan's comment would be an issue with some people. I'm not worried about. What this movie is presenting, much like Batman Begins and Iron Man is a full fleshed out character not a cardboard cut out as in Superman Returns. It sounds like we'll have meaningful dialogue and Clark/Superman will be treated like a actual person with conflict, emotions confusion etc which he will give voice to.

The reason Superman Returns didn't do well wasn't because he didn't smile enough or wasn't fun enough as one poster mentions. It was a boring movie in which Clark/Superman barely had any dialogue. Man of Steel looks like a well developed film from just the character standpoint even if you ignore the effects etc. At least there characters seem fleshed out based on the little dialogue we have here. I haven't been this excited for a movie in a very long time!

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