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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Denny67 View Post
“Dark” and “Gritty” have become genetic and nebulous terms to label comic book films that look to bring the same feeling and drama that the better books do. The only comic film that strayed into “Dark and Gritty” territory that I can remember seeing recently was TDK. Heath Ledger absolutely showed the world why the Joker is always on Batman’s mind. Superman looks to be epic in scale and emotionally substantial. I think in addition to telling a gret superhero story, Snyder is really looking to drive home what an awesome weight and resposiblity it is to BE Superman, how it affects the people closest to him, and the type of strength of character Superman has. In that even though some may question and fear him he chooses the path of selflessness and chooses to defend rather than destroy.

In short, I agree 100%. It's a lot of think but it's not "dark."

The words "dark" and "gritty" are getting thrown around way too much these days. The Man of Steel trailer is not "dark," it's not "gritty." It's serious, it's dramatic, and grounded.

Apparently, depth of emotion and drama is now considered dark, since Batman had those same qualities and is a "dark" character.

Whenever I see those words associated with Man of Steel in someone's post, I know to immediately skip over it, as that person clearly has no idea what they're talking about.

It's not my fault Johnny Depp has kryptonite.
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