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Default Re: Rank every comic book film - where do the Spider-Man films fit in?

Originally Posted by SoNicRaDiATioN View Post
Too many cooks in the kitchen on the last film with the reshoots and the truncated editing. It was a butchered mess. Who is driving this thing? The characterizations felt more genuine (loved Garfield, Stone, Sheen and Field), but the action sequences reverted back to the more stylized/cartoon sequences of Raimi's films. Although I loved some of those Raimi sequences like the great train sequence in SM2, it felt out of place in TASM. The Lizard was neutered beyond recognition. I expected brutal action between him and Spidey. And that crane sequence near the end of the film was pretty bad. On par with the "You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us." sequence from SM1.
Agree,the action wasnt good enough
But it was still better than that in CapAm or Thor or any of the Dark Knight trilogy.It just felt stale in comparison to Raimi's trilogy
But that was expected since Webb's a rookie,hopefully he will learn down the line

If it were just Snyder doing MoS, then I'd be skeptical like you are based on his inconsistent track record. But Nolan is involved. He had input in the creative process and helped give it direction. It's Snyder's baby when all is said and done but Nolan has his fingerprints on it, let's not kid ourselves. I think this will be a winning combination and Snyder's amazing visuals are made for Superman. The film may suck but the odds are stacked against it imo.
I see it this way,Bryan Singer is a much better director and needless to say,SR had better potential,yet it was such a colossal failure
The character is toxic,its difficult to get the best of him

As disappointing as IM2 was, it recieved better reviews overall then TASM. And you can't deny that the goodwill directed at IM3 far exceeds the buzz for the sequel to Spidey's polarizing reboot. TASM was behind the eight ball right from the start. It happened too soon after SM3. Even if Sony wanted to wait longer for the dust to settle after that fiasco they couldn't. The character rights would have reverted back to Marvel/Disney.
To soon to say,look at it this way
IM1 was flawless,without doubt.It made 500M plus which was good enough since the character wasnt famous.IM2 was a potential billion dollar movie,it just a made a fraction more than IM1
While TASM,releasing between 2 giants having its hyping greatly suppresed reached 750 easy.That is why I say that Webb just has to put his mind into making a good movie,it will earn money regardless,probably more than IM3

And can we please have no more cheese....?? I thought the reboot was going to rid us of all that nonsense. Or even scenes that lack common sense. Like when Peter jumps off a buliding after telling Gwen he's Spider-Man. She just stands there like a statue and mumbles some love sick puppy line about "being in trouble.." Stupid. She doesn't really know anything at that point. Any normal person would have run to the ledge thinking "WTF?" But I'm sure we'll get more scenes like that. It's only a comic book film after all and Sony/Arad seems to love them
Every comic book movie has scenes like that,TA was loaded with ridiculous scenes
Even Nolan's trilogy has them here and there

I agree, but you have to take advantage of the talent. Rhys Ifans and Irrfan Khan are great actors, but what good is that if the characters are as poorly written as Connors and Ratha? And Sally Field was great as May but underutilized.
Which is why I am hoping Webb learns from the experience

This is all true, but there is is also a lot of indifference directed towards this reboot. It hasn't really invigorated the franchise in a dramatic way (like BB or Casino Royale). It hasn't moved the franchise to another level creatively. If anything, it's moved laterally from Raimi's films.
No disrespect to them,but I dont think BB did anything dramatic either

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