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Default Re: Does Bane being a PURELY physical threat hamper him as a villain?

I actually thought Bane was well portrayed as a nefariously intelligent bad-guy and that the main purpose of the LOS's return was to illustrate the idea of consequences and, in a way, respond to those who may have figured that Joker vindicated or lessened the evil of Ra's' actions.

Bane is kind of a deconstruction of the "well intentioned" part of Ra's' "well intentioned extremist." Like Bruce, when he was found in that prison he was "lost," but whereas Bruce (and Ra's) had a previous context in which to compare their new codes and philosophies, Bane was born in darkness and basically took to the LOS code and creed at it's starkest and most absolute. He even recognizes that he doesn't fit into the code: he's a "necessary evil," fully expecting to die alongside his city-full of victims.

And I kind of agree that if the Joker's plans seem well executed to you, than you really shouldn't harp on Bane's plans all that much. And there was no way that the LOS defeat in Begins had destroyed their organization-somewhere there was going to be a remnant that would rise to avenge their defeat. And I really couldn't come up with my own scenario that would stand a chance at matching the Joker's rampage without calling back up the LOS in turn. You needed the stakes raised high, and the mob or singular bad-guys not be-decked in make-up or a purple outfit weren't going to cut it for the whole audience. The more imaginative bad-guys can be executed masterfully, but for an ending to the trilogy their threat scale needed to be raised.

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