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Default Re: Daredevil reboot: official discussion thread - Part 3

Dude D'Onofrio would be awesome! For the movie anyway. That said, I don't think hed be willing to go full fatty for the role. They'd have to settle for a husky Fisk or rely on prosthetics. VD says hes not willing to do the major weight fluctuations anymore, given his age. But he would be amazing in the role. The dude is mesmerizing and an immensely talented actor.

No other actor has his combo of skill, resume, and physicality (height, build, face). Plus he's the perfect age imo. If Marvel has any intention of making this movie, they need to start lobbying D'Onofrio ASAP.

The only other choice of this caliber is James Gandolfini, but hes a distant second in my book.

And they don't need to throw Electra into the mix. Completely unnecessary.

Bradley Cooper could work I guess, but his smart-ass persona doesnt really jive with the post-80's DD. Its called acting though, so maybe he could pull it off. Havent seen Silver Linings yet, but Ive heard he did a good job, so who knows.

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