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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 4

I am NEVER reading another trailer description again.

It was my fault to assume MOS's first trailer will be like every other first trailer in the genre, with the villain narrative and all, but I was 200% sure that was fake. Also because I couldn't believe the dialogue was real.

Well, that kind of ruined the first viewing for me. I was watching the Kryptonian countdown live so I saw how the numbers disappeared and a video appeared. My excitement turned into quick amazement, as the moment I saw Clarks body in the water I went HOLY S**T it was real!! And then the dialogue kicked in. So I was unable to fully absorb the trailer because I immediately felt disappointment over the realization that I wont get my Zod fill or a single glimpse of Superman kicking ass. So all while trying to absorb the trailer I was feeling disappointed AND amazed at the visuals at the same time.

Seriously, I tell you in advance, when the third trailer descriptions come use them spoiler tags because if I get another trailer experience ruined like that I'll....I'll....yell at my screen.

And even though I am still feeling sad over not a single bloody glimpse of super battles or Zod saying anything, I love the trailer anyway. Despite the overly dark look (I expected the suit to pop out more in the color department). And like I said in another topic, the trailer did it's job good enough.

It's funny because I thought the teaser in July should have been the CC teaser, this trailer a Zod introduction trailer with snippets of battles and the final trailer an all out action mayhem. Now it seems the last trailer will be a combination of the two I had in mind.

But a slight personal disappointment aside, like I said in the rate the trailers topic, it worked. And that's all that matters.

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