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Default Re: Official Man of Steel Trailer(s) Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
Agreed, it's beautiful

Yeah I went through all those stages too.

If I hadn't seen the comic con footage, and if I hadn't read that trailer descript, i'd have probably died from happiness after watching it... as it was, it was a bit of an anti climax.

But when you put all that aside and try and imagine what it would be like watching the trailer as a member of the GA, I think it's pretty good.

I've shown it to a few people, and they seemed to think it was cool... although one of them commented they didn't like Martha's little speech (called it cheesy) and another one literally laughed when Jonathon said 'maybe' (though I will judge that based on the context and what comes straight before and after it... still, it's a weird line to put into the trailer, and they could have easily just left it at 'just let them die?' without following it with anything at all).
I'll be honest. Ma Kents line sounded slightly cheesy to me too. Mainly in the way Diane Lane delivered it. But I've since grown to really like it. I mean, it's a loving mother helping her son deal with what seems to be his super hearing kicking in. And it's a bit out of context in the trailer.

As for the ˝maybe˝ line, it was put there for a purpose. And it achieved it. I don't think anything is left to chance with trailers. It's there to get a reaction out of people. Same reason why the poster is Superman in handcuffs and not a generic Superman in flight photo. I've also spent a bit of time googling reactions to the trailer on the internet, and there were a number of people who actually liked the maybe. Because to them it represent a departure from the more cookie-cutter unrealistic depictions of characters in previous Superman movies.

And I now wish the CC trailer never leaked. However, I find it a bit weird how the better version came out of nowhere, with parts like Zod conveniently blurred out with assumed auto-focus feature turned on. But that theory is another topic altogether. In short, I hope the next trailer is less anti-climatic for me and for anyone else who felt the same way about this one. It grew on me quick though, on repeated viewings.

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