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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I guess your reply up there came off to me as being testy/annoyed about the topic or the very idea I was presenting regarding this possible plot element and Loki. as you know it can be difficult to convey tone on a messageboard. but that's how it came off to me.

and what we are fairly certain about is Thor WILL give him another chance to some degree at some point in this film, if he's going to be working with him to save Asgard. But Thor needs character motivation to give him that chance, otherwise it does get ridiculous for him to keep reaching out. I agree with that. I would expect him at the beginning of the film to be done reaching out to Loki, but as we know he will not be. So again, character motivation is needed to explain that, and that is tied in with figuring out possible plots. And you do need to look more deeply into the films to figure out character motivation and plot, it's as big a part of it as the explosions and the fights, if not bigger. Without character motivation and a decent plot all you have is a theme park ride with no depth to it. And again, what I laid out above, that scenario, could give him a realistic reason to give him another chance, when he should be all but done with him in the beginning of the film. Whether Loki screws it up again we'll have to wait and see.

But we all know Loki is not apt to apologize or bake him muffins, at least not in the state of mind he was in during Avengers, and it sounds like in the beginning of Thor 2 at least... unless something breaks him out of that state of mind, at least to enough of a degree, and I'm not sure anything that happens with Frigga is going to believably do that. So again, the scenario I laid out is a possible way that all happens, that ties in with a number of things we know/strongly suspect about the plot.

okay, yes. Because I don't think the Odin or Frigga reaching out has yet to begin really, and as parents they are obligated to at least try no matter what he's done. Again, I don't have a problem with Thor acting done with that at the beginning of Thor 2 but it seems he will at some point reach out again, and he needs motivation to do that, and preferably something that would fit in well with the rest of the plot without being really extraneous. Which is what I was trying to propose.
nope, not my intention at all lol..

but given how I am currently at school doing hw, I will make this brief. That much I do agree with. However, it would be Thor reaching out to him for the sake of plot, correct? Opposed to the prior two movies where it was Thor reaching out to "get his brother back". Reaching out to him in THAT aspect, I think has run it's course. Not that it's BAD. It's just, like, ok when is this guy going to understand he is beyond help, things like that. It's time for Thor to move on.

Though of course for the sake of plot he'll have to go back to him. Which back to that, I still think he will be needing loki to get him to other realms opposed to asgard. Cause we know Loki knows ways through the realms. And idk, needing help to get to parts of asgard, when you can fly with a magical hammer, I would think that he wouldn't need help getting to a place in asgard lol right?

and I know the whole, Loki having his moment of "redemption" to help thor, whether or not he has more, but I really hope, whether it be in this movie, or the next, he gets redemption by fighting surtur with his brother and his moment. It's such a classic moment in the run, the oppritunity IS THERE!!! lol I'd probably tear up if that happened on screen

here's hoping

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