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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
nope, not my intention at all lol..

but given how I am currently at school doing hw, I will make this brief. That much I do agree with. However, it would be Thor reaching out to him for the sake of plot, correct? Opposed to the prior two movies where it was Thor reaching out to "get his brother back". Reaching out to him in THAT aspect, I think has run it's course. Not that it's BAD. It's just, like, ok when is this guy going to understand he is beyond help, things like that. It's time for Thor to move on.
To some extent yes. I don't think you ever give up like that on a family member that you love, not completely. I'd say if I were writing it you'd have Thor be in a tough situation where he needs Loki's help, but doesn't trust him, but there is no choice. And in the course of them having to work together, they hash out things, "get down to the major bones of their confict" to quote Chris H. and Loki hopefully is able to make some amends with him. Then of course that's when the old big brotherly feelings will start to return again, because he's Thor and he is the "biggest sweetest idiot in the whole 9 realms". Will it last? It's up to Marvel and the writers.

Though of course for the sake of plot he'll have to go back to him. Which back to that, I still think he will be needing loki to get him to other realms opposed to asgard. Cause we know Loki knows ways through the realms. And idk, needing help to get to parts of asgard, when you can fly with a magical hammer, I would think that he wouldn't need help getting to a place in asgard lol right?
I agree, that's why I'd lean towards other realms or possibly a personal connection or two that Loki has that might help Thor rebuild the army. Like I said, maybe with the non dark elf invading army? To get them to a truce and then fight the dark elves off?

and I know the whole, Loki having his moment of "redemption" to help thor, whether or not he has more, but I really hope, whether it be in this movie, or the next, he gets redemption by fighting surtur with his brother and his moment. It's such a classic moment in the run, the oppritunity IS THERE!!! lol I'd probably tear up if that happened on screen
but I don't think that possibly having that be the full redemption moment with Surtur means that they can't make some amends and work together for a film or more. I think the Loki-Thor fighting thing has really run it's course for the films, it's okay in comics to do that over and over but it's really going to be too repetitive to continue that in the films. I have also read many comments from both Tom and Chris that indicate they really enjoy working together, and want to continue and not just kill off Loki, and both want to see Loki redeemed at some point. They are probably a little tired of having to beat each other up every film too. LOL I could spend an hour collecting quotes to highlight but I really don't want to. But then this was a comment from Tom last month in the GQ interview...

I remember Chris [Hemsworth] and I saying over the summer when Avengers came out, where do we go now? Going into this one we were - very flatteringly - involved in big creative conversations about tone, and story. Thor and Loki are these two characters that people know and love and understand - so we have to take this in the right direction. You want to do something new - you don't want to re-heat the same recipe in the microwave, you want to cook up something different and exciting - but you don't want to lose the things that worked the first time. So we're our own slave drivers, in a way. Complacency is the enemy. But that's exciting and it's going well.
Now I guarantee you, in that big creative conversation with those two actors about tone and story, that Loki's redemption and Thor and Loki working together and making amends WAS discussed. I guarantee it. Chances are that they and Marvel see that it is repetitive to just have them constantly fighting for the next 4 films they are contracted for. And of course Feige and Marvel have certainly seen how popular Tom and Loki are, it would be stupid to just kill him off and toss him away like that. Will they do what the actors want? Maybe not. But I guarantee it was discussed. I've read too many quotes from both of them to indicate that is something both those guys want to see. And honestly I want to see it, I almost wish they'd started the film earlier so we could see those two working together as a team more. So many great villains in that universe to fight together and such a great dynamic between the characters. And them working together doesn't mean that Loki is all goodie two shoes, not at all. He can certainly continue to be a very complex, mixed up, manipulative jerk character who will keep the audience and other characters on their toes. If anything it'll make Thor's current circle of friends more interesting.

And not only that, leading into Avengers 2, how about the angst that would be generated for Thor, if by the end of Thor 2 he and brother have made at least some amends, and he thinks he has his brother back, and then Thanos swoops in and grabs him to torture him, or forces him to do something bad again on pain of torture? Lots of great drama created by this, part of which also would be dealing with the rest of the Avengers angry feelings towards Loki and not caring what happens to him. So lots of potential for interesting dramatic tension there. But that won't work unless something changes for the current Loki-Thor relationship, so that needs to happen in this film. Otherwise, Loki gets captured by Thanos and nobody gives a crap but the fangirls.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
or maybe Malekith posesses her?

I am still on board with the tesseract just simply being an artifact of immense power, that takes a lot of knowledge to know how to use it, or understand it. Though it containing a spirit or something would be actually really cool.

whether it be sentient or not, an artifact of that power, can certainly changed a confused little elf into Kurse.
well I earlier found evidence that there was an entity that is linked to the beyonder called Kosmic that was once a cosmic cube that then attached to a human, then unattached and became a female entity. So that potential is there. Could also be the Krige character, as has been previously speculated (which was first speculated by American Maid in the Krige thread, I believe). Erik does refer to it as a "she" at some point.

On Malekith possessing her, on my start of a summary I sent AM in PM a little while ago, I guessed that he could do something similar to what Loki did to Erik at the end of Thor 1 ... sort of shadowing him to keep an eye on developments but not really possessing him, so that is certainly possible and a way for Malekith to keep an eye out for his best moments of opportunity (but using Jane instead). I also wondered if he could have used his power to direct her to go to Greenwich and the meridian line in the first place, if that particular location is needed for his plans, and Jane's work with portals is also a part of that. It all fits in pretty well I think.

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