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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I like all tihs. but I think you may be being a wee bit over analytical when it comes to the tesseract. I mean, yeah, the comic book character. But that seems a little TOO much to do on screen, regarding everything else going on screen. with malekith kurse, possibly other realms, now another being inside the cube?

i am still inclined to think its just an artifact, we shall see. But the whole selvig "she's an energy source"..well, regarding objects of value, I talk like that too, as do some men, so I think that comment you may be reading in a little bit too deeply :P
Okay well think about this then, if Odin is going to be tied up with this thing, doing battle with it through most of the film in order to have him out of the way for Thor to possibly be king and do stuff, then visually, there needs to be more to it than just saying that's what happening. Even just showing Odin catatonic in front of the cube isn't enough and not much better than having him in Odinsleep. If however you get some flashes of him doing battle with an entity inside the cube, inside his mind or whatever, then that becomes much more visually interesting. And certainly it is a way to convey Odin and the Tesseract's immense power. It wouldn't take much to do this effectively either.

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