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Default Re: Hans Zimmer Scoring The Man of Steel

Originally Posted by moviedoors View Post
I'm shocked that that works so poorly. Did not like it at all.

And I wouldn't take it as a sign of anything. Remember the video of all the people at the con complaining about the trunkless suit? There are always going to be fans that want to maintain the status quo. It isn't any indication of how the public at large is going to react.

Doesn't change the fact that Williams theme and score is a tough act to follow.

Originally Posted by 747 View Post
Yeah the Williams tune doesn't work to those images at all. Not matter how fantastic they are on their own.
I never said it did work.

Oh and the first piece of music in the trailer is composed by Zimmer and Gerrard. So there is some Zimmer in the trailer, just not original for the film.
That's what I meant. It wasn't original Zimmer MOS music.

Originally Posted by BH/HHH View Post
I love the Williams theme nothing will ever change that but if we don't move on now we never will.
I've been moved on from the idea of MOS using Williams' theme. I was just pointing out that some haven't.

Originally Posted by Macrotus View Post
Guys, you know how this goes. Hans will find a couple notes that goes well together and we all will be happy.
Hans borrowed 4-5 notes from one of the previous Batman films for some parts of his TDK Trilogy score, and I hope he'll do like this with MOS - just find something that sounds and feels like an extension of the original score.

As long as there will be a brass section in MOS, then I'm sure I'll feel content.
I doubt this will happen. Plus I don't hear any of the previous batman themes from the Burton/Schumacher era in any of Nolan's batfilms. I hear Zimmer's "Black Rain" and a ton of other MV/RC scores in 'em but nothing from the batscores before TDK trilogy.

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