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Default Re: OFFICIAL Guardians of Galaxy Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Christopher_M View Post
just look back a bit further on the board...Deadline (extremely trusted source) reported Joel, Lee, Jim, Eddie and Jack were testing on Monday..others were just "in the mix".. Pace was the only actor to actually confirm the story with quotes...
Link? The only Deadline article I see doesn't mention when anyone is testing. Pace is the only one we know that info of and that's because he said it in an interview.

But even so, there's nothing saying Edgerton was somewhere else on Monday. Being in talks for multiple films is nothing new. I'm not seeing the conflict here..?

Captain America: Winter Soldier is filming State-side..but it's expected as soon as Thor 2 is done in London they'll move in the Guardians production...people have been mentioning Ant-Man would be shooting there next but unlikely with a 2015 release date..
They'll get rolling on Cap:TWS first, that's been confirmed as a March start date. GotG will follow after, probably start filming in summer, which, again, wouldn't stop Edgerton from doing both as JGAG films early next year, is a small film (meaning shorter shooting schedule), & he won't be the main character.

Also, Ant Mant is not filming next year. Wright is doing The World's End right now and he'll be busy with that until the end of next summer.

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