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Default Re: Heroic Archetypes - Batman Begins

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I don't even get the point of this argument. Some Avengers fans got out of line...some TDKR fans got out of line in an even more extreme way...

I can't believe you guys actually hijacked Nave's thread with this pointless debate about which fanbase is worse (TDKR or Avengers), even though both have sections that have shown a propensity for reacting unreasonably to criticism directed at the respective movies.

On-topic, I've been following your articles on the JusticeBulletin, Nave and all I can say is well-done. The amount of thought, detail and patience you've clearly put into this is astounding (and a testament to how these films make you stop and ponder) and I can't wait to see your articles on TDK and TDKR.

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The Academy Award winning DC Extended Universe

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