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Default Re: Who should the focus be on in DOFP??

Originally Posted by NanaT View Post
It is unbelievable when you think about it just how much Halle Berry and therefore Storm have been maltreated. She has been the victim of bad writing, directing, costuming, make-up, voice coach (that's if Halle even got one, I hear people saying that she never got one for the first film.) And poor halle has to take the blame because she was the face thatwas attached to the terrible portrayal of such an iconic comic book character.

If storm is included I hope Bryan, the writers (Kinberg), costume designers, make-up department etc all pick up a comic book and actually have a lok at how the character is portrayed and then work with Halle to finally do the character justice. It's obvious Berry wants to come back to the character and do her right. Bryan and the powers that be need to give her the chance instead of making her the silent, opinionless, boring, weak black girl in a white wig that we got instead of Storm. Woman is called a Goddess for a reason it's high time they showed it.
People's bad feelings about Halle stem from Halle herself. When she was cast as Storm, she complained on a talk show on TV that she was "reduced' to playing a comic book character. Add to that her hit and run accident to which she said she left the scene of the crime because she had amnesia. And of course her baby-daddy issues are showing what a truly terrible and vindictive person she is.

I'm all for separating someone's body of work from her private life but there comes a time when not so good people should not be rewarded with praise and afforded excuses.

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