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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by DrCosmic View Post
I think if the clues are more heady and wordy and psychological and less CSI-ish it wouldn't draw the parallels. Iirc, Joker didn't leave clues on purpose, and they certainly weren't something the audience could guess at.
I agree with you on the first part but he clearly left clues on purpose to show what his next plan was going to be.

--The Joker card has the DNA from Judge Surillo, Commissioner Loeb, and Harvey Dent on it. Gordon says, "The Joker is showing us who he's targeting."
--He sends a call into the police that says, "Go to 8th and Orchard. You'll find Harvey Dent there." When they get there they find two dead people, the one with the last name Harvey and the other one with the last name Dent. He also leaves a newspaper with the fake obituary showing the Mayor dead to show that he was going to target the Mayor during Loeb's funeral procession.
--The bullet Batman gets from that scene is analyzed by Bruce and leads him to what he thinks is the apartment of the Joker's real identity. When he gets there he finds the kidnapped police tied up that the Joker has switched his men with so they can shoot the Mayor during the funeral procession ceremony. This apartment has a window shade drawn down with a timer on it--when the timer reaches it's end the shade flies up causing snipers to shoot at it. We could surmise this might have been a clue to lure the Batman into getting shot by police snipers, while also serving as a distraction that the Joker and his men can take advantage of to draw the snipers away from them so they can aim at the Mayor and try to shoot them.

There might have been some other examples but those were the ones that stuck out to me where the Joker was purposely leaving clues for Batman and the police to follow.

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