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Default Re: "The Walking Dead" General Discussion Thread

Yeah, I have to wonder if Rick and Lori were at odds at all before things went to hell. I mean, most of us wouldn't do what Lori did in this situation, but I guess the thought that nothing will be normal again might get her riled up and whatnot. Really, I can only imagine Lori probably slept with him within days of the outbreak. Which really is even worse.

Actually, considering some TWD actors and actresses were involved, this brings up a problem I had in The Mist, but the novel version. Specifically, in the film Thomas Jane's chracter David befriends Laurie Holden's Amanda, but that is what it amounts too, and even at the end when David finds his wife is dead, it only builds to the darker ending. However, in the novel, David and Amanda sneak off to the manager's office and end up having sex, well before David even knows anything about his wife (and, in the novel he never actually finds out if she is alive or dead, and his son was with him in the store when he snuck off). There is no reason for it, in fact David and Amanda don't really interact much according to the novel before this, but because they are in a possibly apocalyptic senario, suddenly their sex is ok, and I don't recall David ever feeling remorse regarding his marriage. Guess its just a common theme in these types of media.


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