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Default Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past Speculation

If Star Trek 2 wasnt a JJ Abrams film then I would not have been as stoked with the trailer. We have seen so many explosions on screen it does look the same after awhile. That guy knows what hes doing though and has a good grasp on scale and characters. Havnt been disappointed in a flick hes done so far, and I highly doubt that will change with the next Star Trek.

With the action in Avengers the characters fighting stuck out the most to me, not really the explosions or city setting. We hadnt seen a comic film use characters in a such a grand way with their powers before. Or battle eachother for that matter. The scene where it goes through them fighting together side by side in pretty much one shot was one of the most crowd pleasing moments Ive seen on film. Even Black Widow fighting with Hawkeye felt rewarding to me as a fan. Getting those relationships right even if not fully explored was pretty cool to see. Imagine if there was ever a scene in an X Men film with Rogue and Gambit fighting side by side. People would loose their mind over that.

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