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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

I agree and disagree with your comments, The Bat.

I agree that, once Bruce's parents died, Batman was born, and Bruce Wayne became the mask. Nolan got that right. But totally forgot that in TDKR.

However, I don't have a problem with Bruce retiring as Batman after the events of The Dark Knight. He's human. He's only been Batman for a year. The death of a childhood friend and long-time love? I can believe Batman quitting for that.

The key thing is, Bruce is lost without Batman. Like Alfred said in TDKR: "You're alive, but you're not really living" All he does is mope around Wayne manor, hiding in his bedroom. Not to mention, his physical appearance has deteriorated. He hasn't shaved in who knows how long, he hasn't had a haircut, and he walks around in raggy clothes.

But when he decides to become the Batman again, he cleans up his act. He fails, but he comes back, and in the end, is triumphant. There should have been some sort of epiphany that Gotham will always needs the Batman, and Bruce himself will always need the Batman too. (Maybe they could've put a flashback to the speech you mentioned by Rachel in Batman Begins?)

Rachel was the emotional core of the series, and I'm really disappointed with how they "swept her under the rug" so to speak in this film. Bruce mopes about her for a bit, then meets Talia, forgets all about Rachel so he can have sex with Talia, and in the end, runs off with some thief that he barely knows, who left him for dead.

IMO, Ra's pointless cameo should have been replaced with a cameo by Rachel. I'm not saying her ghost should visit him, but maybe it all just happens in Bruce's head, he imagines himself talking to her. Imagines her telling him that Bruce is the mask, and Batman is who he is. Not to give up.

She was the moral fiber of the series, and I think part of her character, her sense of right and wrong, played a part in shaping Batman mentally. So it's really a shame her character did not shine in this film, the finale to a series she played such a big role in.

But of course, fanboys don't care. Rachel wasn't in the comics, making her a worthless character, and anything she contributed to the movies is null and void.

Who cares about Rachel's character development with Bruce in two whole movies?
Just shoehorn sexy Selina Kyle in there smooching it up with Batman, and the fanboys will be pleased and start talking about Oscars.

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