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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
You could be right there may be some association with AIM and the world fair/the expo. Genetics/biology too not only nano-technology and robotics. I think we'll see that Mandarin controls Oracle as well... there's a reason Oracle was at the expo & Atlantis was on the map in IM2. Mandarin tried to take control of stark industries through Stane and Raza, I think. Some of this movie is definitely coming full circle from Mandarin's end. His audience will be bigger than Loki's. From what I've heard Kingsley may be sticking around for a while because his performance is that good. This doesn't mean we would see Namor in this movie, just slightly more overt references to Namor because Oracle may be in China too.

I think Mandarin has his fingers in a number of companies and groups. He wants the world, and will act much more like an emperor than a terrorist, king, dictator, leader, "mouthpiece" or teacher. He's the one who brings the pieces together and pulls all the strings to build an Empire... He's more strategic and knowledgeable about many cultures than Red Skull was and studies his enemies' weaknesses, uses them against them... From what I've heard IM3 will be just the tip of the iceberg for Mandarin. He'll be a significant presence through the entire film from the start, but doesn't get directly involved until later on. He keeps himself at a distance from any of the people who could betray him and threaten his empire. To do this he may be working against China and America at the same time, trying to take out the competition.

He has to neutralize two of the leading superpowers of the world before Shield can respond if he wants to rule the globe--this part's speculation. He's already taken Namor's company from him and may be an unconventional archaeologist who studies many cultures and believes in Atlanteans... though his supporters crack jokes about this. he has a certain vision for the world, based on things he's dug up.
Those are some pretty intriguing possibilities.

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