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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

If he did steal power from a large number of groups and cultures, maybe they're fake military and they just wear them for appearance. I dunno for sure.
The thing about Mandarin's empire would be that he's learned from his ancestors and controls things from the inside. He's extended his hidden empire into many areas, but I think in this movie we see him trying to complete his plan by going after the military/airforce. "his reach knows no bounds", and he could have recruited his villainous empire from anywhere. But I don't think he's extended his reach into the american military or shield at all. Very likely other elements of America's infrastructure that he aims to control and use against them, in an almost bond villain sort of way.
Maybe even taking direct control of some of the new suits by the end on both sides, and trying to use Iron Patriot/the new suits and armies against Stark and both air-forces. Mandarin may want to control all the new toys of both gov'ts by infecting all of their air-forces systems with the virus that gives him control over the two leading superpowers, and also wants to neutralize much of their ability to respond with a wide-scale version of the thing Stane had in IM1. We've heard Iron Man will be controlling a number of suits and robots against him in the finale, it's almost like an actual armor war and then Mandarin starts to lay out all his cards. Once the other superpowers and leaders of the world want to hear his demands, he intends to use the device that Stane neutralized Stark with, he's found a way to broadcast it to the leaders of the other nations. His lessons start to be heard by the rest of the world, but Iron Man puts a stop to it all before it can go too far and Shield can respond. The attack on the leaders of America and Stark is just to get people's attention as he gears up to reveal that he's already invaded key locations in the world's infrastructure through his corporate empire. He's got men in many areas of culture, and likewise reflects a collection of cultures he's appropriated.

But in the trailer when you see the news choppers he wants to make sure the world sees the attack on Iron Man's mansion because he controls certain elements in the news, personally I think he has a man inside the gov't too. Someone out to get the Avengers from the inside of the gov't. Some of the plays to get Stark's tech through the gov't could have been made by the Mandarin if they're going really full circle, but I think the war machine suit went straight to the army and slipped through his and the senators fingers.

Maybe they don't have their ten rings members in the military, or at least the airforce, and his inner circle acts more like his private army. Wearing a uniform he's appropriated from another culture that he doesn't perceive himself at war with? Like some sort of symbolic thing since even though their faux it's Canada and not US, Great Britain, Russia, or China? He rejects certain cultures, but takes pieces of many cultures to symbolically represent that his Empire and vision for the world has him sitting at the top combining and using them all under his rule to express himself. That his decision to look that way is more symbolic because he almost worships older cultures and things from mythology. On his shirt it says the "point of AIM". He wants to take down the current rulers of the world, US and China, to keep building his Empire. I think his whole costume is representative of who he is, and it's his chosen emperor garb. He wants to connect with the past, and knows about Shield.. he calls them out in the trailer but underestimates Iron Man's ability to survive and stop the whole plan dead in its tracks.
He's not really a businessman like the comics, he's uses multiple businesses and other groups, terrorist organizations etc as part of his empire and is more of a "learn from past mistakes" type villain. After he wins all he claims he wants to be is a teacher, once the world is plunged into anarchy where none of the world leaders are in control. He wants to instill a political form of global anarchy as initially described. Because he thinks capitalism and communism have failed the world.
His father lived in colonial India during world war 2, but he prefers China. He has some problems with Nazis and dictators as well as colonials and Empires, but learns how to build his Empire and learns from their mistakes too... AIM may also be a front for Hydra and Mandarin is really kicking off the resurrection of Hydra that's completed in CA2, although he's unaware of this.

They were actually using him because of his talent in leading, Killian's just the scientist that dies, Zemo's really in control of AIM. So when Iron Man cuts the head off of Mandarins empire and severs his fingers the heads of the hydra regrow because they're actually a hydra. Mandarin was just a monarch/commander figurehead but more than a mouthpiece and probably won't die. He gets his hands dirty like Genghis Khan did as a leader, but prefers to stay at a distance and knows when to strike, where to aim. Studies the art of war.

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