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Default Re: X-Men: Days of Future Past Speculation

It should be about what happened in X-3.Take the X-men that survived that movie.
have them going to the past before that movie to fix everything that went wrong.
It serves as a real life premise as well as fictional.
Boom done.
You know this may very well be possible when taking into consideration what he tried to do with Superman Returns.
He went back 30 somthing years before part 3 and 4 of Superman and tried to take it from 2.Which was pretty daring and might have worked had it not been for the whole SUperman having a son bit.That was taking once chance too many.
However it would be hot to take it back from part two forward.Or even before to correct alot and omit alot of part three.
Think about it why else would he do this this may be his way of fixing his not doing prt.3.He may very well take it from 2 or before and omit 3 altogether and have a story to back up why.
Wow.I can see it.It fits.

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