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Default Re: Am I the only one that feels like TDKR prevents Nolan's trilogy from being perfec

Originally Posted by The Bat View Post
I absolutely LOVE Batman Begins & The Dark Knight...and I absolutely HATED TDKR!!

At first Nolan seem to understand the character. Then in the last movie it was like he forgot everything...WTF??! At the end of Batman Begins there's a scene at the end of the movie that showed me that Nolan "gets it"! The scene was at Bruce's destroyed mansion, when Rachel tells Bruce "and then I saw your true face". Bruce says "Batman is only a symbol". She touches his face and says..."no Bruce, this is your mask, your true face is the one that Gotham's criminals now fear."
And that the key to the character....he IS BATMAN! There is no Bruce Wayne. She said she kept waiting for the day when Bruce Wayne would come back...but he never did.

And that's what Nolan forgot in "Rises". At the beginning of the movie Batman has quit for 7 years because of the death of Rachel? If anything...her death would have only added fuel to the fire of the REAL Batman! He would have gone after criminals with even more of a vengeance than before...not quit and hide in his mansion!?How did Nolan lose touch so badly with character in his 3rd movie? And at the end Batman retires? Again...WTF??

Not to mention Batman is hardly in his own movie...they should have called it "Bane". Batman only appears at the beginning...and at the end. Sad.

I'm the biggest Batman fan there is...and I won't ever own TDKR! Not even if I saw it on Bluray in the $4.99 bin.

End of rant.
Bruce Wayne also retired twice in the comics right? Gone for a while, come back as Batman, and retired.
Especially in one of the best graphic novels ever made.

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