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Default Re: Discussion: Legalizing Marijuana II

I'm not familiar enough with the medical research to say whether cannabis helps with cancer or not (aside from relief) but to those thinking that pharmaceutical companies have anyone's best interests in mind other than their own, there's a ridiculous amount of proof of that.

Plenty of lawsuits from pharma companies selling drugs that they actively knew harmed people because it was more profitable to take a small lawsuit later. Plenty of times where pharmas blocked generics being used/exported. A significant percentage of pharma research funding going towards more cosmetic drugs rather than ones that are actively more harmful. The pharma industry is awful and a mere few minutes of googling leads to plenty of reason to believe they put profits first, patient care later. Obviously there's no cure for cancer but they have an active interest in making people pay for mediocre drugs for years rather than attempting an actual cure.

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